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An enthralling story of love, loss, and the revelation of long-held family secrets that will linger long after you've turned the final page.

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"Like creating a patchwork quilt, author Mary Marchese has joined many aspects of a complex period in America and Vietnam in her unforgettable novel, What Really Happened to Steve Nathan. This book is both informational and emotional – an excellent read!"

5-Star Review From Readers' Favorite Book Reviews


"The omnipresent ghosts of the Vietnam war also give rise to interesting questions and thoughts on the feelings of guilt and on the tragedies people go through during and after a war...Its deeply moving conclusion reminded me of the power of forgiveness in the process of mourning."

Francine Brassard from an Amazon Review

"Many books have been written about the "American War" but this book is about people...The history of Vietnam, the landscape and food add to the authenticity of story. Having served in the military in Southeast Asia during this time period brought back a lot of memories - both good and bad."

Rhino from an Amazon Review

"I won this book from Goodreads. If I could give it TEN stars, I would do so! It is a novel...but it is so real. This novel did so many things..taught me all kinds of things about Vietnam, and about what the Vietnamese call "the American war". I thought I knew so much about it, but I have learned that I didn't know what I thought I knew! It also made me cry, because it is a very, very sad story. And, the end is so unexpected! If you have an interest in stories of the human side of war, or if you were in Vietnam, or if you loved someone who was part of the Vietnam conflict...then, you have to read this book. You won't be sorry!"

Joni Haynes from Goodreads

"It was hard to lay the book down as each chapter brought more twists and turns and kept me wanting to find out more. The characters are well developed and Vietnam history comes alive!"

Pat Townsend from an Amazon Review

"It all seemed so real! Many of us tried to forget what happened during the Vietnam War, but Marchese's style helps us confront what we chose not to know and leaves us with reconciliation."

Jerry Soechting from an Amazon Review

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